SIHH 2015: Cartier Replica Watches, Still one step above

This SIHH might be a little conservative and careful, because of the economic context – especially with the BNS announcements last weeks, but Cartier replica watches for sale was one of the very offensive brands of the SIHH, with no less than 109 new references, new Métiers d’Art pieces, a complete new collection, and a remarkable Grande Complication.

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The new collection is called La Clé a (the key) de Cartier. The piece is defined by a (marketing) concept, called lines in tension. It refers to the shape of the case, which is basically a round shape within an ellipse. The piece is curved to be perfectly adjusted to the wrist. Last but not least, it is designed both for men and women, with three sizes (31, 35 and 40 mm), even if the smallest would probably only seduce women.The Clé is powered by a new caliber, the automatic winding caliber 1847, referring to the creation date of Cartier. It’s a three hands caliber with a small date. It might sound not very important but it is, as this cal. 1847 is therefore a new in-house simple movement for Cartier, an addition that we could imagine in other references.

The Clé de Cartier, on a design point of view, gathers all the distinctive trademarks of the brand : blue Roman digits, blue hands, and a guilloch dial. However, the name “Clé ” refers to one precise element : the crown. Which is not a crown any more, it’s a small rectangular part that has to be pulled off and then turned (like a regular crown). In other words, same function, but different shape. In fact, Cartier makes us realize that crown and pushers always have the same shape, but that can be changed. With new replica Cartier, the crown is not round any more. Shall we still call it a crown then? The debate is open…. for now, the piece is proposed at an entry price of 13,000 Euros. The whole collection uses gold only – probably for the launch year, and then we will see some steel model coming in an SIHH or two.

Vibrating diamonds

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Men don’t usually pay attention to diamonds. This time, they should, because Cartier has invented a whole new way of gem-setting. Well, that’s the marketing story, but experts know that such a setting had already been used in the XIXth century. The principle ? Each and every diamond is set on a tiny spring, invisible of course. Simple as that in theory, but in real life Cartier took five years to develop these springs and placed them on the dial so that diamonds don’t touch each others – and obviously don’t fall from their moving, vibrating base.

The point of this system is to have the maximum of light inside the diamonds. When you have a motionless, unmoving diamond, which is the case of 99,99 % of the production, the only way to have the perfect beam of light entering the diamond is to move the piece – on your finger, your wrist. Now Cartier had the opposite point of view, changing the paradigm : your wrist is not moving, the diamonds are, constantly, so their brillance is always changing, glimmering. Cartier has requested three different patents for these vibrating setting. The first piece to benefit from it is a Replica Cartier Jewellery watches, set with 123 diamonds, priced at 220,000 Euros.

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Cartier is also unveiling new additions to its Métiers d’Art colllection, with a new Filigrane piece along with a Damasquinage one. Both are based upon ancestral techniques using gold bearings and gold wires. The result is quite explicit but limited to 20 pieces and 50 pieces, considering that each watch require several weeks of work.

A new Grande Complication for Cartier

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On the Haute Horlogerie side, it stands as the most complex watch ever made by Cartier: an ultra-thin minute repeater along with a perpetual calendar and a flying tourbillon. It took five years of development and is only 5,49 mm thin. Its case is in platinum, its caliber is a skeleton and its minute repeater reaches 57 db – which is rather good considering the platinum case, which is one of the worst metals for chiming fake Cartier watches. The piece is actually quite impressive on a technical standpoint but legibility of the QP indications are not its best strength – probably because of the skeleton architecture, the eye literally sees through the movement without being stopped by a dial or a counter. Owners will probably get used to it but there won’t be more than 50!

The Crash is back!

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Cartier’s famous Crash timepiece, created in 1967, is back on a skeleton limited edition of 67 regular units and 67 others gem set. Its amazing case is a little bit bigger than the original one, but its caliber inside is brand new, Cartier being forced to completely rebuild it to fit this new case.

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