AAA UK Fake Cartier Watches And HBO’s ‘And Just Like That,’ The ‘Sex And The City’ Sequel

With Europe in a half lockdown state in the early winter of 2022, I will admit to watching a bit more television than I might normally do at this time of year.

One series I was really looking forward to, and would have watched regardless of the state of pandemic-induced closures, was And Just Like That, the much-anticipated sequel to Sex and the City, which aired from December 9, 2021 to February 2, 2022 (and is still available to stream). I have always loved the taboo-laden adventures of the quartet of New York City fashionista heroines of this story and their diverse love lives – escapism at its best with lots of funky fashion to ogle and girl talk to laugh along with.

The tenth and final episode of the first season of the HBO series (on Sky here in Germany) just dropped on Thursday, February 3, and I have to say that I am a little relieved it’s over. If you haven’t seen the show yet and plan to, you may want to just look at photos from here on out as I am about to drop some major spoilers in explaining why I feel the way I do about the show.

The original series, which ran from 1998 through 2004, was lighthearted, fun, flashy, colorful, and laugh-out-loud raucous. A great time every time, the kind of thing you look forward to watching every week.

In the series reboot, Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) and her best friends, now reduced to just Miranda and Charlotte (Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis respectively) due to off-screen differences with Kim Cattrall (the ultra-racy Samantha Jones), are in their mid-fifties: the throes of middle age and all that that entails – forgetting that talking about periods, hot flashes, and grey hair maybe isn’t as fun for us as they think it is. In the very first episode Carrie’s husband, Big (Chris Noth) – one half of a love affair that spanned six seasons, two movies, and a total of 23 years – dies of a heart attack on a Peloton, and she spends the rest of the series mourning him while I spend the rest of the series wanting to cry.

Miranda leaves her husband Steve in a fit of what I can only describe as an existential midlife crisis that includes sneaky drinking and extramarital sex, and Charlotte deals constantly with her children’s teenage hormones in what I used to call my daily life for about a decade. All in all, more stress than humor.

All of this hits far too close to real life to be that enjoyable, thank you very much. I used to watch Sex and the City to escape to someone else’s life in an exotic place for a while. Now I’m stuck with some of the same stuff I deal with every day – or have dealt with – in And Just Like That. Just in better clothes.

Not that much of an escape anymore.

And Just Like That: Cartier replica watches

Nonetheless, this series is a huge hit, which makes it a great place for Cartier’s product placement – and the show is chock full of it. Not just luxury UK replica Cartier watches, which we might expect well-off New Yorkers to be wearing, but also jewelry, handbags, wedding rings, cufflinks, keyrings, a cigarette lighter, and even a Nécessaires à Parfum box nestled away in Carrie’s outrageously and expensively stocked shoe closet.

Luckily for the Richemont-owned brand, though, 1:1 Swiss Cartier fake watches’ products didn’t end up like a certain Peloton bike: the company had no idea that it would be used as the catalyst for a main character’s death! As Vanity Fair wrote, “No one saw that coming.” At least, according to the same Vanity Fair article, it wasn’t a paid product placement bike: “HBO procured the Peloton bike on their own.” Whew.

So what can we see on the wrists, ears, shoulders, and fingers of the cast of And Just Like That?

It becomes obvious right away that Charlotte is high quality Cartier copy watches girl – not surprising for a Park Avenue princess in my opinion – once we spy her cheap replica Panthère de Cartier small model watches in yellow gold. Aside from that, she also carries a lacquer-and-gold Diabolo de Cartier keyring with wax seal motif for all to see, which becomes very obvious in episode four as she holds it while texting.

With Samantha ostensibly in London and out of the picture, Carrie needs a new single partner in crime, a role quickly filled by Seema (Sarita Choudhury), a luxury real estate agent Carrie meets in the fourth episode when she decides to sell the apartment that she and Big shared (this apartment having been a huge topic in the first movie when they decided to finally get married and move in together).

Seema also seems to love Cartier as evidenced by her pink gold best fake Tank Louis Cartier small model watches, which was obvious in almost every scene Seema was in. Aside from that, she also wore Panthère de Cartier bracelets in yellow gold with lacquered panther spots. In episode five she carries a Must de Cartier saddle bag in taupe calfskin with a very obvious gold-colored Must de Cartier keyring hanging from it. In the final episode we see her hanging out at a table in front of a club as she waits for Carrie, where she pulls out a gold-colored Cartier Gadroon lighter to light her cigarette.

While I might not have chosen Panthère de Cartier replica watches  for sale for Seema’s character, who I think would probably take a few more chances in her choice of wristwear (what about top super clone Cartier Crash watches?), I find that the warm pink gold matches her skin tone beautifully and that the showy, gold-colored accessories also go very well with her entire ensemble. She’s not Samantha, but she does have a certain style.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie is a known fashionista and wears some of the wildest combinations that television has to offer. Her feet are so accustomed to high heels that she can (quite unrealistically) walk miles of city streets in them and even spends a day painting a shelter with her pals while wearing a pair of silver platform shoes and white overalls. Um, yeah.

Being a true fashionista, Carrie does not wear Swiss movements fake Cartier watches. However, in keeping with the mournful story line, we repeatedly see both her wedding ring and that of her deceased husband. Both of these matching bands are platinum perfect replica Cartier 1895 watches.

At one point, Carrie painfully thumbs through Big’s watch and jewelry box in search of clues as to why he might have left his ex-wife a million dollars in his will. Eagle-eyed viewers might be able to spot three pairs of Cartier cufflinks: Drive de Cartier fake watches wholesale online in yellow gold, Cartier Love in yellow gold, and Double C logo cufflinks in sterling silver and black lacquer.

I did notice the pragmatic lawyer Miranda was not wearing a watch – somewhat out of character, I might think – but I did see close married friends of the trio Stanford and Anthony wearing Cartier replica watches shop site.

Played by Willie Garson, who sadly passed away on September 21, 2021 and could not finish filming the series, the flamboyant Stanford wore yellow gold Swiss best fake Tank Louis Cartier small model watches for the three episodes we saw him in.

His husband, Anthony (Mario Cantone), wore an unidentified stainless steel top 2022 Cartier replica watches with a blue dial on a bracelet (which our eagle-eyed spotter Nick Gould thinks might be a Carl F. Bucherer Manero Peripheral) and a white, yellow, and pink gold Vendôme Louis Cartier wedding band set with diamonds during the series.