Best Quality Cartier La Doña Replica Watches UK

Swiss made replica Cartier UK is the fearless trailblazer of the shaped watch category, and isn’t afraid to experiment with a new case configuration every few years. Some stick and some don’t, for whatever reasons. Who could have predicted that the perfect fake Cartier Crash would become one of the most the sought-after collector’s pieces that it is today? The La Doña, introduced at a massive launch party in Geneva in 2006, didn’t fly quite so high.

At the time I remember thinking it was a winning idea, like the luxury fake Cartier Tank Française was 10 years earlier. La Doña was named for a famous Cartier customer, the 1940s Mexican actress Maria Felix, whose nickname, La Doña, came from one of her movie roles. The bracelet, constructed of interwoven half-circle links, was meant to resemble the scaled surface of an alligator’s hide—her favorite UK aaa quality replica Cartier jewelry motif was the alligator.

The case was a unique trapezoid shape that sat nicely on the wrist. It was chunky, and bottom heavy, but it was dramatic. It seems ripe for a comeback at a time when Swiss movement copy Cartier’s funky shapes are being celebrated to the hilt.