Best Quality UK Fake Cartier Watches Documents Lay Out ‘Extremely Concerning’ Details Of Tiffany & Co Lawsuit

Further information has emerged from the Cartier-Tiffany & Co legal battle that is currently ongoing.

The luxury brand is accusing Tiffany & Co of stealing trade secrets.

It alleges that the New York brand hired a member of the luxury Cartier replica watches team with the intention of gleaning information about its high jewellery designs.

Now AAA Swiss Cartier fake watches has sent to Professional Jeweller the original written legal complaint containing its half of the correspondence, which was omitted from the court summary document.

Below can be read email correspondence from top UK replica Cartier watches’ legal team to Tiffany’s on 8 February. This is found in Fisher & Phillips LLP’s complaint, submitted to the court on 28 February on behalf of Cartier.

“We are highly concerned,” reads wholesale Cartier copy watches’ email, “that either Ms. Marino is knowingly providing Tiffany & Co. with misleading information or that Tiffany & Co. is tacitly approving Ms. Marino’s serious breaches of legal obligations to Cartier, which may lead to significant liability for Tiffany. Your email attempts to downplay and justify Ms. Marino’s breaches with an explanation and timing that simply do not add up.

“That, coupled with Ms. Marino’s incomplete affidavit, has only heightened our concern that 1:1 cheap Cartier replica watches’ confidential and proprietary information has been misappropriated and that Tiffany is either negligently or knowingly permitting it.

“I have no doubt that Tiffany would react similarly if you received such a response from a competitor who may possess confidential and proprietary information of immense commercial value. Particularly when such information is from a departing employee who had no reason to access the information, let alone email it to her personal account.

“To be clear, the information that Ms. Marino appropriated includes, among other things, detailed pricing, stock, size and origin information (including images) for virtually every single piece of high jewelry at Cartier super clone watches shop site.

“Such information would permit any sophisticated business, like Tiffany, to identify and unfairly compete with Swiss made fake Cartier watches’ High Jewelry strategy. Tiffany has publicly stated its intention to compete with Cartier in the high jewelry space and has recently hired several Cartier High Jewelry personnel.

“With this background, the fact that online replica Cartier watches employee without responsibility for High Jewelry – who is hired by Tiffany in what appears to be a very similar role with the addition of High Jewelry responsibilities – would misappropriate highly competitive and proprietary High Jewelry information is an extremely concerning issue, and we will treat it as such.

“[G]iven Ms. Marino’s clearly misleading conduct during her resignation and exit with Cartier, and what appears to be her very misleading information to you regarding her serious breaches of legal obligations to China Cartier fake watches, to forestall a necessary enforcement action we require that a Tiffany representative affirm under oath that Tiffany has conducted an appropriate search of its systems to confirm that Cartier/Richemont documents are not in Tiffany’s possession, custody or control, or that any such documents have been destroyed, and that Tiffany has confirmed the scope of any dissemination of the underlying information. Please provide such affirmation by tomorrow, end of day.”

Meanwhile, a statement from a brand spokesperson said: “Cartier filed a complaint against Tiffany and Company with the Commercial Division of the New York Supreme Court claiming, among other things, unfair competition.

“The basis for the complaint is alleged attempts by Tiffany’s senior management in the U.S. to improperly secure proprietary information about Cartier’s jewelry activities in the U.S. from a former Cartier employee. The former employee, who left to work for Tiffany, is also named in the complaint.

Cartier replica watches for sale fully respects the rights of competitors to pursue their commercial objectives. In this case, however, Tiffany’s commercial ambition crossed the line between the ordinary course of business and unfair competition.”