Cartie Replica: The Art of High Jewellery

The optical miracles of Cartier’s precious hours. Perspective, optical illusions, plays on transparency… Cartier replica watches uk relies on the incredible virtuosity of its crafts to turn time into wonder.

From one watch to the next, the jeweller carries out his work, arranging diamonds in tiers, adorning the hours with stars and making time navigate. Every piece is unique and calls upon the excellent craftsmanship of the Cartier replica watches workshops: lapidary work when sculpting onyx or cutting rock crystal, and jewellery or geometrician work when reproducing diamond motifs an infinite number of times, all moving to the same rhythm.

High Jewellery Inca Watch

Inspired by the Inca pyramids, this highly geometric creation alternates diamonds with onyx. Its transparency and brilliance help to create a perspective in which the depth of the piece’s sculpted onyx further accentuates the effect. Infinity is created through superimposed squares that become gradually smaller.

Cartier replica watchesAll the craftsmanship of discount replica Cartier, which has regularly used onyx since the 1920s, was called upon to obtain this perfect parallelism, this equation of time in several dimensions.

High Jewellery Koinobori Secret Watch

An allegory of the passing of time, the wave inspired Cartier to produce a watch presenting the imperceptible balletic journey of carps as represented in traditional Japanese painting.

A tide of diamonds for a cuff Replica Cartier Tank watch adorned with coloured spots thanks to the presence of sixteen oval rubies of nearly one carat each in subtle nuances of red.

Cartier replicaAround a thousand hours’ work was required to create this work of great geometric perfection that evokes the continuous, regular movement of a river.

High Jewellery Cristallin Watch

At Cartier, illusions are a source of watchmaking inspiration. What lies behind appearances? What does this watch conceal? A portion of dreams and mystery glimpsed through the crystal of the dial. Time passes at the heart of a firmament studded with diamonds. Therein lies all the jewellery magic of rock crystal which, depending on the positioning of the watch, evolves between transparency and absolute opacity.

Cartier replica Around a thousand hours’ work was required to create this Cartier replica watches website which calls upon numerous crafts, of which rock crystal work remains one of the most complex both in terms of cutting and of obtaining the desired prism.