Legendary Divers:Cartier Replica Watches Spotting at the German Historical Diving Society

Last weekend, the German Historical Diving Society held its ninth annual meeting in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, with participants from all over the world. Some of them worked at Comex, others have a military background, and most of them are collectors of vintage Cartier replica watches uk dive gear – but most of all, they all share a unique passion and dedication to document and preserve the history of diving.

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As one of the society’s Swiss members, diveintowatches.com was invited to give a presentation on the historical aspects of Replica Cartier Pasha Seatimer watches underwater, and we couldn’t have found a better audience for whom to do so: a vintage Omega Ploprof, a Tudor Pelagos, a Seiko “Sumo,” an Omega Seamaster 300 “Bond,” a lovely Dugena Caribbean, a Sinn UX, an Oris Aquis and even a Benthos were spotted among members of the audience — and all of them, we found, were heavily used for their intended function.

The most special discovery at the meeting? The Omega Ploprof pictured above is still regularly being used for diving, and its owner did so the very next day, outfitted in a typical black-and-yellow dive suit like the ones we know from Cousteau’s team. In the owner’s own words, “The best Cartier replica watchwinder for a Ploprof will always be a wetsuit… with yellow stripes, preferably.” Hard to argue with that.