Who Is Moath Alofi? Saudi Creative Hand-picked As New Face Of UK Cheap Cartier Replica watches

Luxury Swiss replica Cartier watches has named creative Moath Alofi, from Saudi Arabia, the latest friend of the French jewellery house.

The head of cultural programmes at the kingdom’s Al Madinah Region Development Authority, Alofi is also an artist, explorer and researcher, dedicated to finding and documenting the hidden treasures of his homeland.

Looking to Madinah as both a source of inspiration and an open-air museum, Alofi began photographing the city in 2013.

With an eye for the unseen, the images he has captured have featured in numerous exhibitions, from those in the GCC to events in Moscow, Paris and even New Mexico in the US.

Atmospheric images of ancient settlements, castles and earthworks – some of which date back almost 9,000 years – sit alongside shots of the country’s natural beauty, showcasing soaring cliff faces, sunken volcanic craters and snaking sand dunes.

Alofi is also the founder of an artistic studio called Al-Mthba that helps support emerging artists, as well as co-founder of Erth Team, a production company that specialises in travel and aerial photography around the area.

With a love of overview, perhaps fittingly, Alofi has now been named the new face of one of AAA top replica Cartier’s most emblematic watches, the Cartier Tank fake watches for sale.

First created in 1917 by Louis Cartier, the UK high quality fake Cartier Tank watches was inspired by the shape of the military vehicle as seen from above.

Its famous rectangular silhouette not only echoes the outline tracks of the armoured vehicle, but it also broke the unspoken rule that best Swiss made copy watches had to be round. Now more than a century old, its inventive design has stood the test of time, and it is as popular today as when it was first released.

Alofi explained why he was drawn to the top wholesale replica Cartier Tank watches. “The design breaks the rules classically, yet creatively. I relate with this in many aspects; my art, and my findings. To me, it’s all about the perspective, being creative, appealing and easily understood,” he said.

Citing the heritage, storytelling and craftsmanship behind the timepiece, Alofi explained that he was honoured to join hands with Cartier fake watches online shop.

“It’s a bond that has brought me closer to history. Digging deeper on design, gems, manufacture and the history of people associated with super clone Cartier watches with Swiss movements is enriching to our relationship. That’s a great bond and friendship to have.”