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In this day in age there would appear to be a shift in regards to what many gentlemen choose to wear on a daily basis with the ever growing trend to feel good, which in turn makes one want to look good too. With ever growing demands on the modern Cartier replica watches for sale male, whether it be a day in the office or a casual weekend – the clothes you decide to wear on your back have started to change but could it just be down to maturity? Possibly? But even then, those casual days no longer seem so casual and this is a good thing. After decades of wearing oversized T-shirts and hooded sweatshirts it would appear man has returned to the art form of being well-dressed and not just for fashion conscious reasons but also to express themselves and give them a sense of individuality, plus lets be honest, it’s also rather fun too.

Richard Mille wristshot

Today, man has definitely become more Don Draper (from the Mad Men series depicted by actor Jon Hamm) and less Mark Zuckerberg. We seek out clothes that fit correctly, like tailor-cut hugging shirts, the correct cufflinks to match, that perfect tie or bowtie. We even look for suits that fit like a glove and when we can’t find one we get it made or tailored but that doesn’t mean it has to be a Saville Row bespoke three-piece, however, that crowning pocket square has to look just right. Then you are confronted with the option of Goodyear-welted shoes or that slim sole Italian shoe? But most importantly, the one accessory that should take careful consideration is – the watch!

Above all of what I have just mentioned, the UK Replica Calibre De Cartier watches is probably the most integral part of your attire. Why, you may ask? Because it says a lot about you regardless of your clothing but what is quite interesting is that some watches actually conceal your personality. However, I believe there are those that have a casual watch habit and need a timepiece that encompasses their daily wearing needs and just a small change of strap will do to change the watches mood, which will please the masses. But and this is a big but, there are a handful of enthusiasts that let their timepiece dictate their attire – which in my opinion is perfectly fine and actually a rather cool way of picking your outfit.

Rolex Submariner

I am a firm believer that every wholesale Cartier replica watches has a mood and some cover multiple outfits more than others, take for example a Rolex Submariner, which can pretty much cover all-bases quite well but then it struggles a little to cope with that sharp suit, elegant look. On the other hand take a Vacheron Constantin Patrimony, again it will cover pretty much most outfit scenarios but somehow I just couldn’t see it with sporty attire? In the end, what has styling really got to do with it? Honestly – not that much but remember a watch is a man’s only true form of a jewellery accessory, so choose wisely.