Introducing The New Cartier Replica Watches Tank Louis Cartier Skeleton Sapphire In Rose Gold

It is always a little challenging to know which model to focus on when visiting Cartier at SIHH. Every year, since it helped launch the replica Cartier watches for sale fair in 1990, the French Maison has presented the largest new collection of the show, and this year was no exception.
SIHH 2015 Cartier
The Clé De Cartier, which hit stores in March, may have been the commercial highlight this year, but there were plenty of other watches on display. Carole Kasapi, the French brand’s Head of Movement Creation, has led something of a 21st century revolution when it comes to high complications.
Last year, Kasapi tackled one of Cartier’s oldest designs, the mighty “Tank Louis Cartier,” giving us her take on the brand’s first ever wrist-watch. Worn by Louis Cartier himself, the watch set the standard to be upheld by all Cartier replica watches store, leaving little room for major design changes.
Cartier Clé De Cartier Women Watch SIHH 2015
Still, that would not deter Kasapi, who introduced the Cartier Tank LC Sapphire Skeleton in 2014, a watch featuring hours, minutes and small seconds, in a highly skeletonized design, revealing the inner workings of the watch on both sides.
Cartier Tank Louis Cartier Skeleton Sapphire Watch SIHH 2015 Close Up
This year, Cartier has revisited Kasapi’s take on the Tank, with a beautiful rose gold model, more in tune with the brand’s original design. The new Replica Ballon Bleu De Cartier watches also introduces a new in-house Caliber 9622 MC, a manual movement designed and produced by Cartier. With the Tank Louis Cartier Skeleton Sapphire, Cartier shows its full range once again, covering the spectrum of watch making with one foot in the past and one in the future.