Look Cartier Replica Watches We Found:Replica Cartier Roadster UK

Look Cartier replica Watches We Found is an occasional series that looks at what’s on offer on Ebay and other auction sites that represents either an interesting find or a bit of a bargain. Currently up for grabs on Ebay is this 43mm Seiko 7S26 Diver, recently refurbished and resealed with water resistance to 150 meters. The dial is new, as is the crystal glass. This Seiko diver was manufactured in 1997.

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You can safely scuba dive or swim while wearing it. The Replica Cartier Roadster watches features strong lume on the hands, seconds and hour markers as well as the bezel top marker. Buy it now price is EUR 205.00, or you can make an offer. The 7S26 family of movements was introduced in 1996 as a mainstream automatic watch movement, replacing the Seiko 7002 in many cases. Although earlier Seiko calibres featured quickset date, the 7S26 adds a counter-clockwise quickset day feature as well.

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If the unusual grey dial of the Mega Mod Marlin doesn’t take your fancy, the same seller is offering a cream dial 43mm Mega Mod Dolphin at the same price. With the same water resistance at 150 meters, this watch dates back to 1990, so it’s already 25 years old and runs on a 7002 movement. The 7002 line of divers replaced the 6309 in 1988 and ran until 1996, when it was replaced by the SKX line of divers. If you want to know more about the 7002 movement, where else should you look but on Watchuseek. This cheap Cartier fake watches for sale is also up for grabs at EUR 205.00, but you can make an offer.