UK Luxury Replica Cartier London Crash (1967 to 1990s)

The initial Crash watch stood out not just for its distinctive design but also its bold dimensions. Produced in yellow gold, the perfect fake Cartier Crash measured 43mm in length and 25mm (23 excluding crown) in width, making it larger than the majority of Cartier super clone watches online uk, including most of the subsequent Crash watches. It was powered by the Jaeger-LeCoultre cal. 841, a small tonneau-shaped movement. It is believed that no more than a few dozen examples of the Swiss fake Cartier London Crash were made in total.

To date, the 1:1 fake Cartier London Crash has surfaced just 17 times at auction with the highest selling instance being a 1967 example, which sold for a US$1.5 mil on Loupe This in 2022. From 1991 until 2012, it was selling for between US$16,530 to US$41,500, rising slightly in the following years before skyrocketing in 2021. Naturally, the UK top copy Cartier London Crash represents the most valuable Crash watches today. But due to their extreme rarity, sporadic appearances and the high demand from collectors, establishing a stable market value is challenging.

Although the majority of aaa quality replica Cartier London Crash watches were made in yellow gold, variations exist in other metals as well. A white gold London Crash appeared at Antiquorum in 1991 while two platinum examples have surfaced at Christie’s in 2017 and Pandolfini in 2021 respectively – the 1992 example at Christie’s was later withdrawn while the 1991 specimen sold for a whopping US$974,333. According to Swiss movement replica Cartier UK, the first platinum London Crash was produced in 1980. While the production of the Crash was later centralised in Paris, London Crash watches continued to be produced in London until the early 1990s due to pending orders. Notably, examples made from 1990 onwards have a completely different typeface for the “London” script which gave the watch a distinctly bolder character.

Giovanni Prigigallo, co-founder of EveryWatch highlights, “The Cartier London Crash replica for sale, while highly valuable and a top performer today, has a higher unsold rate compared to subsequent models. This phenomenon could potentially be attributed to an initial lack of awareness and appreciation, stemming from the scarcity of information available about them at the time.”