UK Perfect Replica Cartier Santos de Cartier Green Dial

This year, the luxury fake Santos de Cartier collection expanded its colour range with a new smoked green dial. Previously limited to white, black, and blue (and the blue was only available in the large size), Cartier introduced the green dial in both medium and larger sizes – and the blue finally arrived in the medium size as well. Is a new dial colour really such a revelation? Perhaps not. But, the cheap replica Santos de Cartier framework is an incredibly strong luxury-daily wear framework.

With its upgraded 100m water-resistant case and interchangeable bracelet (and even link) system, there is little anyone would ask best 1:1 replica Cartier to change about this range. Yes, the bezel is known to be a bit of a scratch-magnet. But this is the concession of polished metal, and I cannot imagine this watch without this element. The new dial colour expanded a go-to range for those approaching Cartier fake watches for sale, and I hope Swiss movement copy Cartier continues to expand the colour palette further. Smoked red for 2024? That would be an absolute banger.