Women’s Pasha C de Cartier Replica Watches for UK

Women’s Pasha C de Cartier replica watches are full of distinctive features of Pasha series, which are designed with neutral appearance. For common women, the size of 35.25 mm in diameter is a little large, which is difficult for you to distinguish whether they are for women or men. The copy watches are made of steel, and the bezel is designed in round shape without any jewelry decorations, however, the design is soft and bright to show the delicate and pretty features of women.

Women’s Pasha C de Cartier Replica WatchesThe dial design of the replica Cartier watches for UK is simple. In addition to four hour markers in Arabic numerals, there is a square track scale at the center of the dial with seven black radioactive rays, which enhance the contrast between the square scale and round dial. Uniquely, the blued-steel diamond-shaped hands add skillful flavor for the dial, and they are coated with luminescent coating, which makes the reading legible and pretty in poor light. Beside, a small date aperture is set between 4 and 5 o’clock so as to make the copy watches more practical.

Women’s Pasha C de Cartier copy WatchesMoreover, the screw-in interhorn not only can guarantee the water resistance, but also make the fake watches nice, and the screw-in crown is equipped with a steel crown cap, which makes the copy watches unique. Furthermore, the self-winding movement ensures high precision and durability.

In short, the appearance of the copy Cartier watches is simple and generous, and the classic design makes them full of power and beauty, which are very special fake women watches.